Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions for Room Hire

The College of Emergency Medicine is a registered charity and incorporated by Royal Charter.

The College of Emergency Medicine’s venue facilities are available for hire by external organisations.  There are conditions of use which these Standard Terms and Conditions set out.

All bookings made by persons in respect of rooms at the College are accepted upon the following Terms and Conditions, and this will form the contract between the College and the hirer.


“RCEM” means Royal College of Emergency Medicine

“Room” refers to the Council Room, Training Room or Conservatory

“Events Team” means the Events Team at RCEM

“Management” means the Executive/CEO

“Client” means the person in contact with the Events Team

“Hirer” means any person, persons or representative of the organisation named in a room booking invoiced by RCEM

Use of rooms

Use of any Room is by permission of the Trustees of RCEM who reserve the right to refuse any booking or admission at their discretion.

Room Bookings

A Room may be provisionally reserved with the Events Team.  A provisional reservation will be held for 10 working days but will be released unless confirmation in writing (e-mail, fax or post) is received by the Events team.  At the point of reservation the keynote speaker (if appropriate), the meeting content/subject and the style of catering must be indicated.  If we have anyone else interested in the date we will give one working days’ notice to confirm or release.

The Hirer further agrees to pay RCEM such other charges as arise in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Cancellation by RCEM

RCEM reserves the right to cancel the booking forthwith and without any liability on its part in the event of the Hirer failing to perform any of the obligations contained within these terms and conditions. If for any reason beyond its control, but not limited to strike, labour dispute, accident, act of war, act of God, fire, flood or other emergency condition, RCEM is unable to perform its obligation in connection with any booking, such non-performance is excused and RCEM may terminate this contract without further liability of any nature, upon re-imbursement of any sums paid by the Hirer. In no event, shall RCEM be liable for consequential damages of any nature for any reason whatsoever.

Cancellation by the Hirer

The Hirer may cancel a room hire booking by giving notice in writing. In the event that the Hirer cancels a room hire booking, RCEM reserves the right to impose cancellation charges (calculated as an estimate of RCEM losses particularly in the event that it is unable to obtain an alternative booking) as follows:

Between 0-28 days prior to the commencing of the function, the cancellation fee will be 50% of the Room Hire will be invoiced.

In the instance of venue cancellation, if catering has been ordered The Hirer shall pay the price of the food and beverage charges in full.


Catering can only be booked by RCEM events team, through our approved contractors. Self or other external catering is not permitted.

Audio Visual Presentations

If the Hire, or any of their attendees or speakers, will be using RCEM’s laptops for an audio visual presentation, the Hirer has a responsibility to ensure that the presentation is sent to the Events department at least 1 working day prior to the event. Otherwise the event department will not be able to test the presentation on the equipment and cannot report and rectify any issues that may arise with the compatibility of the equipment.

Hours of Use

The College is strictly open from 09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday.  We are unable to remain open outside these hours. The college is closed over the weekend.

Other Points

The nature of the function shall be notified to RCEM at the time of booking. The Hirer agrees to confirm to the Events department in writing (preferably by email) the final numbers (including special dietary requirements) attending by no later than midday, two working days prior to the function. The number given at this time will be the number invoiced, unless numbers increase. If numbers are not notified by this time

RCEM reserves the right to charge the original estimate of numbers attending, or actual numbers attending whichever is the higher.

Final Invoice payment payment must be received by RCEM within 30 days from the date of the final invoice. Purchase orders used to facilitate payment must be supplied in advance of the event to the Events department. In the event of late payment, no future hires will be permitted.

RCEM operates a no-smoking policy throughout its property.

RCEM does not endorse or support the meeting programmes and/or content of any external function held at its premises.

The use of the RCEM logo or any other branding by external organisations is not allowed. The RCEM logo and name are trademarked and may not be used by any other organisation or person outside RCEM. In the event that the Hirer uses its logo and any branding without permission, RCEM reserves the right to cancel the function and/ or request the withdrawal/closure of all such publicity material/ website etc at the Hirer’s expense.

Permission is required for all photographs, filming and videotaping within RCEM premises.

The Hirer shall not sub-let the hired rooms or any part thereof without written consent from RCEM.

Prices of food and beverage may be subject to change under certain exceptional circumstances.

Injury to Persons, damage and loss of property.

RCEM will not be liable for the death or injury to any person attending the premises in connection with the event the subject of the hiring or for any losses, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages costs or expenses or any other liability of the hirer in the exercise of the rights granted by the agreement except where such death injury or losses due to the negligence of RCEM.

RCEM will not under any circumstances accept responsibility or liability in respect of any damage to or any loss of goods articles or property of any kind brought into or left at the premises either by the hirer for their own purposes or by any other person or left or deposited with any other officer or employee of RCEM.

The hirer is responsible for and must re-instate and make good to the satisfaction of RCEM or make full compensation for any damage to or any loss of property suffered by RCEM or its employee’s. This can include extra cleaning or replacements if necessary. Nothing is to be fixed to any walls/ fixtures at any time by any means, failure to adhere to this condition could result in the event being terminated immediately.

The hirer will be required to demonstrate that adequate public liability (£1M) cover in respect of any claims arising from personal death or injury, or resulting of the negligence of the hirer, its employees, agents or subcontractors is in place.

The hirer indemnifies RCEM and its employees against all such liabilities as are mentioned in this contract and all costs and expenses reasonably incurred in connection therewith.

Health and Safety incidents or Accidents are to be reported to the Events Manager.  Hirers are responsible for guests and their behaviour and welfare.


RCEM accepts no responsibility for any hired equipment or conference equipment provided by, for, or on behalf of the Hirer, left unattended prior to, during, or after the function.

RCEM cannot accept responsibility for any items lost or mislaid on the premises.

All items are stored at the Hirer’s risk.

Any items not collected within 24 hours of the end of the function will be disposed of unless prior arrangements have been made.

RCEM will not be responsible for any item sent by courier that gets lost or damaged or for any items left at RCEM after the event has taken place.

Insurance of Property of Hirer and Hirers Guests.

The Hirer acknowledges that any such objects, equipment, furniture, stock, or other property of any sort will remain under the control and care of the Hirer and/or guests and the Hirer is responsible for insuring such property and accordingly RCEM excludes liability for losses.


The Hirer shall ensure that the function is conducted in an orderly fashion without causing nuisance and in full compliance with the directives and requirements of Management and will all applicable laws ordinances and regulations.

The Hirer and guests/delegates must conduct themselves in a responsible manner with due consideration to any other guest/delegate, Venue staff or their agents, visitors or members of the public.

The Hirer and their guests/delegates must refrain from any behaviour, which would bring the Venue into disrepute or cause discomfort/risk to others.

Right to Exclude or Eject Persons

RCEM reserves the right to exclude or eject, as it thinks reasonable, any person from the function, the Room or the premises of RCEM whom it shall consider objectionable (including any engaged by the Hirer to provide duties or entertainment) and the Hirer will be liable for any liability arising thereby save where the Hirer establishes negligence or bad faith by RCEM.

Data Protection Act

The details of the Hirer, where different, the Client will be held by RCEM on its computer database for use by its account department for maintaining proper records and by the Event Office for marketing purposes. It will not be passed onto any third parties.

Complaints and disputes

In the first instance, any problems or complaints relating to the Venue, additional services or these terms and conditions should be referred to the Venue, to the Events Manager during the event and followed up by email or phone call to the Events Manager at the Venue. The Hirer/guest/delegate may be required to make a formal written report prior to any formal investigation. Complaints and disputes will normally be investigated and solved by mediation within the organisation.